Wills are legal documents that help you transfer any property or estate you may have to the beneficiaries you designate, upon your death. Attorney Robert F. Brogan, of the Brogan Law Group in Point Pleasant, NJ, is ready to help you determine your needs in this area. Most people should have a will, even if they only have a small amount of property. Those with large estates and complex holdings definitely must have a will or a trust to protect their assets and property when they are no longer around. Your wishes can only be enforced if you do have a will.


Will and Probate

A will goes to probate court for validation and processing. A will is only legally enforceable if it has been drafted correctly, according to state requirements. A New Jersey Wills Attorney, Bob can help you at any point in your lifespan to create, adjust or modify your will. This document is effective for transferring property you own to others upon your death. You can change, modify or revoke a will at any time and replace it with another, but it must pass legal tests of probate. If you have a large estate, it is good to review your will periodically. Any changes to your will must also be prepared, witnessed and signed in accordance with the law to be valid.


Avoid Future Problems

If you die without a valid will, the probate court will take over and appoint an executor and oversee the distribution of assets. This may not comply with your wishes, and the heirs you wanted to have certain assets or property could be left out of the distribution or not get what you wanted them to have. By having a will, you also can avoid family in-fighting that might occur. At Brogan Law Group, Bob and his associates, Melissa Abu-Adas and Michael Paxton (of counsel), are ready to sit down with you now and help you to work out the will or trust that will be deemed valid and that will pass your estate along to those you love and want to be your beneficiaries.


Create Your Will Now

It is never too early to create your will. Attorney Robert F. Brogan is adept at guiding your family through life’s changes in the legal arena. He is highly qualified as a Certified Elder Law Attorney and a Member of the Special Needs Alliance. His team offers you family-oriented, caring legal representation that you will feel comfortable with at any time. Call today for a consultation about the estate and asset protection and long term planning you deserve.

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