Veteran’s Aid & Attendance

New Jersey Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Attorney Robert F. Brogan knows how difficult it can be for Veteran’s and the spouses of deceased veterans to get the assistance they deserve. Government assistance is often buried under a pile of red tape, making obtaining it confusing and frustrating. You may deserve your Veterans Aid & Attendance check, but getting it into your hands can be tough.


A guiding hand

The Brogan Law Group has spent years helping people in situations just like yours. You earned your Veteran status, and you deserve the assistance that comes along with it. And that assistance should not get in the way of any Medicaid assistance you have coming as well. Unfortunately, without proper planning, you could find yourself in conflict between the requirements for Medicaid and the requirements for Veterans Aid & Attendance.

At the Brogan Law Group, we can help ensure that you get all the assistance you need as you move forward in life. Our firm can review your information, and help you determine the next course of action you should take to get what is yours.


Veterans Planning

As a Veteran, you occupy a unique position in society. You fought for your country, and your country is supposed to take care of you as a result. Yet as you age, you are also supposed to be eligible for the benefits enjoyed by all citizens of this country. When those two collide – your position as a Veteran and your role as an ordinary citizen – it can be frustrating. Why does it have to be difficult to get what you deserve?

The Brogan Law Group understands this frustration, and we work hard to remove all of the red tape to get you what is yours. We can work with you to develop a life plan that will take into account your Veteran status, as well as all the various other elements that one must consider when planning for older age. We can help make sure that you get the assistance you need as you move forward in life.


Contact our office today

If you would like help with navigating the confusing world of Veterans and general government assistance programs, please contact our office today. Attorney Robert F. Brogan wants to help you and your loved ones meet the needs of the future by making a plan today. It is never too early, nor is it ever too late, to begin planning for your security.