Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning for both adults and children can be quite challenging for families. While there is government assistance available for individuals in these circumstances, meeting the requirements for such assistance can prove challenging for families with even moderate incomes. For those with more substantial assets, and for those that want to create trusts for their special needs children, the challenge can be even more intimidating.


New Jersey Special Needs Planning Attorney

As the founder of the Brogan Law Group, Attorney Robert F. Brogan has helped numerous families with special needs members meet these challenges. You may be new to seeking help for your special needs child, or you may have spent years navigating the ins and outs of government assistance. Whatever your experience, the Brogan Law Group can help you with your special needs planning.


A well-planned trust

You may be at a time in your life when you are considering how to look after your children in a more permanent way. Determining how to divide up an estate is no easy thing under the best of circumstances. If you have one or more children with special needs, the difficulties only increase. You want to give your child everything he or she needs to live a comfortable life, but you do not want to disrupt their public assistance.

Using years of experience as reference, Attorney Robert F. Brogan will help you conduct an in-depth analysis of your particular situation. He can help you make a detailed plan for how you want your child cared for, and he can help you figure out how to fund that care. Ideally, with proper planning you should be able to give your special needs children everything you want for them without making them ineligible for public assistance.


Comprehensive planning

Whatever your goals are for the future of your special needs child, working with an experienced attorney can help you create a plan that will stand the test of time. Because Attorney Robert F. Brogan has helped so many families in similar situations, he can easily spot any weaknesses or impracticalities in your initial plan. With his help, your planning can be comprehensive and executable, and is more likely to cover all eventualities.


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