Powers of Attorney

As part of your long term planning for estate and healthcare issues, you may find it necessary to have a New Jersey Powers of Attorney lawyer create certain documents that relate to your health care as part of your planning efforts. Attorney Robert F. Brogan, President of the Brogan Law Group, is experienced with helping his clients manage long term planning of their estates and assets. As part of this process, you should be sure to discuss the need for valid Powers of Attorney documents.


Powers of Attorney and You

A legal instrument called a “Power of Attorney” grants authority to another person to act on your behalf at such times when you are unable to manage your own affairs, due to illness, surgery or other circumstances. These documents can be written up to have limited or durable time limits. The person you appoint to act on your behalf legally can make binding decisions for you. This presents a potential problem in that you must be careful who you trust to carry out your wishes. Powers can be “general” or “specific” in scope. With a medical power of attorney, you are able to select the person you wish to represent you while you are incapacitated, and you can impose restrictions upon them. Powers of attorney can be revoked.


Attorney Robert F. Brogan

As a legal professional who is very much in touch with the needs of families for comfort and assurance that their legal matters will be addressed with understanding and in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, Bob brings clients that comfort and peace-of-mind through his work for them. He is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and Member of the Special Needs Alliance. His experience, and that of Mellissa Abu-Adas (Associate) and Michael Paxton (of counsel), are what clients look for when discussing such intimate family matters as estate and long term planning.


Create Your Powers of Attorney Now

Guiding your family through life’s changes is the focus of Brogan Law Group. If you are facing surgery, you will need to establish a medical directive, or medical power of attorney to bridge any gap in ability you may encounter. You can also create powers of attorney in advance of other potential problems, such as a sudden incapacity or to direct care of your estate in that situation. Take time now, in advance of a stressful situation, to discuss your long term planning with our qualified and experienced New Jersey Powers of Attorney lawyers.

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