Medicaid Planning

Everyone ages. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to pay for the care that is often required in the later years of life. This is where Medicaid is supposed to come in. But if you are like many older people, you may be discovering that your income and assets put Medicaid out of reach, even if they are not enough to pay for your nursing home care.


New Jersey Medicaid Planning Attorney

Attorney Robert F. Brogan of the Brogan Law Group understands just how challenging it can be to meet your financial obligations later in life. He has helped numerous people plan for the later years, and he has seen how often individuals come up short when trying to pay for later life care.

As a Medicaid Planning Attorney, Attorney Robert F. Brogan knows how to help meet Medicaid requirements without putting your assets at risk. You may have a spouse or children you want to take care of. Fortunately, with a proper analysis and some planning, you should be able to protect what you need to protect, and still meet the criteria for Medicaid assistance.


Much-needed help

Did you know that some nursing homes cost $120,000 a year or more? Most people’s savings are not enough to cover such an expense, which leaves them looking for some sort of help. Medicaid may seem like an ideal choice, but it has certain income requirements – requirements that many older people struggle to meet.

This is where Medicaid Planning, and the help of an elder law attorney, comes in. Elder law attorney Robert F. Brogan can help you come up with a workable plan to get you access to Medicaid assistance, and can do so without putting your assets in jeopardy.


Planning for an unclear future

No one knows everything that will happen as they get older. You may need little care as you age, or you may need significantly more. By engaging in Medicaid Planning now, you can prepare both you and your family to meet whatever the future may bring. You will be taken care of, and your loved ones will be able to keep what you worked so hard to earn.


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