Has your loved one showed signs of being unable to care for personal affairs or finances? Here are some warnings that may indicate incapacity:

• Poor personal hygiene

• Inability to keep the house clean

• Unexplained weight loss or change in eating routines

• Recent signs of injury such as burns and bruises

• Inappropriate or agitated behavior

• Mismanagement or loss of money


Any of these behaviors could indicate that your loved one cannot take care of himself, and needs someone to make his important life and financial decisions.



New Jersey law provides for a guardianship when someone needs help managing finances or personal affairs because of age, health problems or disability. A court will appoint a representative, called a guardian, to act on behalf of the incapacitated individual, or ward.

The guardian will make legal and/or financial decisions for the ward. The guardian determines medical care needs and best living accommodations. The guardian also reports regularly to the court, itemizing money spent on behalf of the ward and other transactions like selling a car.


New Jersey Guardianship Process

To apply for guardianship of an incapacitated senior, you must submit a petition, or application, to the court. The petition will have information on you and the senior, along with material on the senior’s assets such as real estate and bank accounts. You must supply medical evidence such as doctors’ and hospital affidavits to support the petition.

Once all materials are submitted, the court sets a hearing date to hear testimony and appoint a guardian of the individual or the estate, or both.


Reach Out for an Experienced New Jersey Guardianship Attorney

An attorney experienced in elder law and guardianships will help you through the complex application and data gathering processes. Attorney Robert F. Brogan has provided expert legal assistance with these cases for more than 12 years.

Our goal is to create a guardianship customized to the unique circumstances of your loved one. We are family-oriented and approach each case individually, considering the needs of both the incapacitated individual and the petitioning guardian.

The Brogan Law Group, based in the New Jersey shore area, will work with you every step of the way. We will simplify the petition and medical evidence gathering, and will represent you at the court hearing.

A well-crafted guardianship will secure the best care for your loved one and bring you peace of mind.