Estate & Trust Administration

When you have an estate, it is prudent to visit with a New Jersey Estate & Trust Administration Attorney to determine if a trust is the right legal document you need to protect your assets and property. Attorney Robert F. Brogan, of the Brogan Law Group, Point Pleasant, NJ, is experienced in all aspects of wills, trusts, estate and asset protection planning. He is also a Certified Elder Law Attorney and Member of the Special Needs Alliance.


Guiding Families Through Life’s Changes

With his years of experience helping clients set up estate planning programs, Bob also brings his understanding of the importance of family to his practice. He understands and enjoys working with individuals and couples who want to save their assets and lifetime savings for themselves and future generations. Even a small estate is worthy of having the legal protections of a valid trust and proper administration of that trust when the time arrives. He also works closely with other attorneys and trust executives, administrators and beneficiaries when a trust is in litigation.


Why Have A Trust?

A trust is a legally valid document that allows the appointment of a fiduciary to administer the estate when the owner is no longer capable of doing that task themselves, or following the death of that owner. Often the elderly and persons with special needs are cared for under a family trust; our attorneys can help you establish such a trust or assist you when a problem arises with an existing trust or related Medicaid issues.


Trust Administration

Brogan Law Group attorneys work diligently to help clients achieve the goals they want, and to make sure that wills and trusts pass through probate without a hitch. When you appoint an executor of your estate, you select someone you trust and who will take care to follow your wishes. Without a trust or will, your estate administration and distribution will land in the hands of a stranger selected by the probate court. As part of their job, the trust administrator must pay taxes and bills owed by the estate, distribute assets to heirs and continue managing the property until the trust is revoked or the owner passes on.


Brogan Law Group

Brogan Law Group consists of Attorney Robert F. Brogan (President of the firm), Melissa Abu-Adas (Associate), and Michael Paxton, of counsel. Together, they have decades of experience working with clients and other attorneys on estate and trust matters. Their goal is to bring qualified legal representation to clients at reasonable costs and in a friendly, caring manner.

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