Practice Areas

Estate & Trust Administration

When you have an estate, it is prudent to visit with a New Jersey Estate & Trust Administration Attorney to determine if a trust is the right legal document you need to protect your assets and property. Read More

Estate Planning

Every family deserves to have some long term estate planning in place, especially as members reach advanced age or if someone becomes disabled. Read More


New Jersey law provides for a guardianship when someone needs help managing finances or personal affairs because of age, health problems or disability. A court will appoint a representative, called a guardian, to act on behalf of the incapacitated individual, or ward. Read More

Medicaid Planning

Everyone ages. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to pay for the care that is often required in the later years of life. This is where Medicaid is supposed to come in. But if you are like many older people, you may be discovering that your income and assets put Medicaid out of reach, even if they are not enough to pay for your nursing home care. Read More

Powers of Attorney

As part of your long term planning for estate and healthcare issues, you may find it necessary to have a New Jersey Powers of Attorney lawyer create certain documents that relate to your health care as part of your planning efforts. Read More

Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning for both adults and children can be quite challenging for families. While there is government assistance available for individuals in these circumstances, meeting the requirements for such assistance can prove challenging for families with even moderate incomes. Read More


Trusts are a way to help preserve an estate for your beneficiaries. Attorney Robert F. Brogan, President of the Brogan Law Group, has helped many clients set up living and testamentary trusts to manage assets and property before and after death of the grantor who initiated the trust. Read More


Wills are legal documents that help you transfer any property or estate you may have to the beneficiaries you designate, upon your death. Attorney Robert F. Brogan, of the Brogan Law Group in Point Pleasant, NJ, is ready to help you determine your needs in this area. Read More